2019 Testimonials

We take pride in offering the best customer service and the highest quality products to you, our customers. It is amazing to hear feedback from people we have worked with. Take a quick peek at what these people are saying about Clear Choice Exteriors!

Good work, professional, friendly, trustworthy.


Home Owner - Stettler, AB, Roofing, Siding, Soft metals - 2019

Excellent service from your team in getting as right as rain on everything we need to get done.


Home Owner - Stettler, AB, Roofing - 2019

Thank you for such prompt service. The crew did excellent work and kept the worksite clean. Communication was great.


Roofing/Siding/Soft Metals 2019, Home Owner - Stettler, AB

I would like to thank the Clear Choice organization for the fantastic service that my father received to repair the hail damage our farm was hit with last summer. A big thanks to Tyler for his prompt and excellent service in processing the claim and organizing the work crews.


Home Owner - Vermilion, AB

This was the second time we used your services and would recommend it to others.


Roofing/Siding/Soft Metals 2019, Home Owner - Stettler, AB

We are very grateful for their prompt services. They were very diligent. Every service and question was very well taken care of.


Roofing/Siding/Soft Metals 2019, Home Owner - Stettler, AB

Overall the work done was quick, professional with wonderful workers including the delivery guy of the shingles. A couple scuff marks on the siding from the old shingles being thrown out I assume, but cleanup was great. Took care when driving on my lawn and with my flowerbeds. They made the job painless for me.


Roofing - 2019, Home Owner - Rocky Mountain House, AB

2018 Testimonials

…..Throughout the project the singling crew completed the work efficiently, were courteous, and created virtually no disruption to the people living in the condo. Clear Choice initiated all safety precautions and communicated these to our residents.

……The Board have no reservations about recommending Choice Choice Roofing and Exteriors Inc.

See Entire Letter of Recommendation


President, Montfort Heights Condominium CorporationSt. Albert

Clear Choice Exteriors is one of the more professional companies I have ever dealt with. Being in the service field as well I have worked with a lot of different contracting companies (some fly by night contractors) but I would put Cory up there with some of the best I have dealt with. I would definitely refer them in the future for any of the products and services they provide. It was comforting to know the work was being supplied and installed with someone who knows the trade and provided quality workmanship. I have no reservations that any warranty issues will not be addressed. Thanks again to yourself and Cory for this..

Kevin & Amy

Roofing - 2018, Home Owner - Edmonton, AB

Clear Choice provided excellent work in processing our insurance claim. All facets of the repair–siding, metal roofing and so on–were done expertly. The company can be particularly recommended for personalized service through regular, ongoing communication as well as the ability to adapt to our specific needs and situation. Everything was taken care of. Thanks, Cory and Clear Choice!

Asker Lutheran Church

Roofing/Siding/Soft Metals 2018, Ponoka County, AB

Hi, Anita and I went and viewed the property while speaking to the renter at the same time. She reported that your crew was very polite and cleaned up the site really well. She had nothing to say but good things about how they handled themselves.


Roofing - 2018, Home Owner - Camrose, AB

The guys did a really good job and the roof looks really nice. I love the colour of the shingles


Roofing 2018, Home Owner - Leduc, AB

The attitude and professionalism of all employees were at a very high standard. Would recommend this company to anyone and would be confident they would be happy with the work.


Roofing/Siding/Soft Metals 2018, Home Owner - Gull Lake, AB

The crews that did the work for Clear Choice Roofing were very professional. I really appreciated them all. Thank You!


Roofing/Siding/Eaves 2018, Home Owner - Olds, AB

2017 Testimonials

Absolutely got the job done & professional & took care that all the junk was picked up. I asked Jason not to put the heat tape up on the first and second roof until the eavestroughing is complete & I’m hoping you guys can then put it all up before the gutter guards are installed. I was especially impressed with Jason’s knowledge of how to install the heat tape as I expressed that the previous eavestrough guys put it up wrong as I had ice jams at the mouth of the eavestrough….Thanks


Roofing 2017, Birch Bay, AB

We are pleased to provide a positive recommendation for the crew contracted out to replace our shingles on our house. They had to work in wintery conditions. Snow removed several times, wind and cold. The crew was very professional and efficient and appeared to work well together. Our house has a 12 pitch roof with 3 dormers. The crew cleaned up debris daily. The final cleanup was excellent. This crew was very polite to the home owners and shared a lot of light humour too. Thank you guys for doing such an excellent job. We would recommend this crew be hired for other difficult homes.

April & Barry

Roofing 2017, Radway, AB

Incredibly professional, quick service from Clear Choice when wind storm of 2017 ripped the shingles off our roof. Patched our roof first thing next morning. Kirk provided immediate & fair estimate so we could move forward. Top notch team! Corinne in the office was wonderful in helping with paperwork. Roof was ordered and installed within days after we received insurance approval. We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience and love our new roof!!! Thanks again.

John & Patty

Roofing 2017, Home Owner - Red Deer, AB

You guys are the BEST!!! I will make sure everybody hears about you guys and you will be the first call whenever I need some help for a client with roof issues.

Duane - Vice President - Transportation, Hub International Phoenix Insurance Brokers

Roofing 2017, Radway, AB

Of the three contractors I selected, ONLY, Clear Choice Roofing and Exteriors provided me with insight into how his company would provide better workmanship and products, at a lower price, thus giving me more value for my insurance dollar


Home Owner

Yes, they did contact me and repaired it promptly. They are an awesome company that stand behind their work. I am very impressed. I would recommend them highly.


Roofing 2017, Home Owner - Sturgeon County, AB

He (Cory Ward) demonstrated a high level of service through numerous correspondence updates, meetings and after hour service to reduce stress to owners. He was always been straight forward and honest and showed a willingness to expect responsibility for anything that happened on site.

Don - Maintenance Director

Maintenance Director, Raven Estates

Tyler (Edmonton Project Manager) came to the house to give us an estimate. After he looked at the house, he gave us a very detailed quote and then took the time to explain it to us. On the day of the install, the crew showed up on time and were very polite and professional. After they finished and cleaned up , I was very pleased that I couldn’t find any nails or roofing material left behind Tyler returned after the install to inspect the job, I let him know that they had done an excellence job, and I would recommend this company to friends and family.


Home Owner - Edmonton, AB